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ARABIA Coralli teacup and saucer

ARABIA Coralli teacup and saucer

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It is a tea cup of the visionary masterpiece Coralli of Finland's leading ceramic maker ARABIA. The series name Coralli means "coral reef", and the pink coral resembling cherry blossom petals is drawn as if it were dancing. Laija Uosikkinen, known for Emilia and Kalevala, was in charge of the design. Since Uoshikkinen retired from ARABIA in 1986, this work designed in 1983 will be the last work of her career.

Coralli's form design was handled by Ulla Procoppe, who is famous for Lusca and Valencia. The Coralli is modeled after the 1960 Rusca blockbuster "S model". The S model is a general term for the form of a series of tableware series such as cups, plates and pots adopted by Rusca as the basic form.

Since the appearance of the S model, many ARABIA products have been created by adopting Ruska's S model for the shape of tableware while changing the surface decoration. Since Ulla Procope passed away in 1968, the Coralli released in 1983 shows that the S model devised by Ulla Procope was highly regarded for nearly 20 years after his death. The S model is also used in tableware series such as Cosmos, Fractus, and Flora. Because the "same shape" continued to be used, it was called the S-Model, an acronym for Sama (meaning "same" in Finnish).

Coralli comes in four sizes: demitasse, coffee, mug and tea cup. This product is the largest size teacup in the series. Although it is relatively short, it has a large-capacity cup with a wide sideways shape.

The pink coral designs drawn by Uosikkinen depict corals commonly found in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii. One of the characteristics of Scandinavian tableware is that it incorporates spring-like splendor into its design, which contradicts the regional characteristics of long winters.

Due to the economic recession in the 1980s, this product was released at a time when ARABIA reduced the number of production, so its rarity value is increasing today. In particular, even the same S model was produced in fewer numbers than the works from the 1960s and 1970s, and is currently traded at a high price in the market .

This is why Ruscas from the 60s are still relatively cheap to buy, while newer Coraris are very expensive for the same shape. Coralli is very popular due to the cuteness of its design, and the larger the cup size, the rarer it is in the vintage market.

■ Detailed specifications

Manufacturer: ARABIA Form designer: Ulla Procope Pattern design: Raija Uosikkinen Series: Koralli Age: 1983-1987 Country of origin: Finland Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: Good condition )
We will send you the actual item in the photo. A small thread can be seen near the center of the saucer when the light shines through, and a layered thread can be seen on the rim of the cup. Both the cup and saucer are beautiful with no cracks, chips, penetration or paint loss.

■ size

Diameter 10cm Width 12.5cm (including handle) Saucer diameter 16cm

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Ulla Procope

Ulla Procope

Ulla Procope (1921-1968)

Born in Helsinki. After graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design at Aalto University in Helsinki in 1948 , he joined Arabia. Over the next 20 years, he was in charge of design in the production department, creating the Ruska series in 1960 and the Valencia series in 1961 . Rusca became the flagship product with the longest running and highest number of sales among Arabia's products, and Ruska's form was called the S model , which later became the prototype model for Arabia's tableware. Valencia is the last hand-painted ARABIA product. After retiring from active duty due to cancer, Procope emigrated to the Canary Islands in Spain, where he died at the age of 47 .

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Raija Uosikkinen

Raija Uosikkinen

Raija Uosikkinen (1923-2004)

Born in Holoran, a town in southern Finland. In 1947, he graduated from Aalto University Faculty of Arts and joined Arabia. For 40 years until 1986, he worked as an exclusive designer for Arabia, responsible for the design of the Emilia series and Kalevala earplates. He often collaborated with Kaj Franck, and basically Kaj Franck provided the form of the product, and Uosikkinen provided the decorative design.

Even after retiring from ARABIA in 1986 , Raija Uosikkinen continued to live in a house right next to the company, and welcomed the company's current designers and students from Aalto University to his home and welcomed them with open-hearted hospitality. It is said that he was instructed. It is said that his representative work, the Emilia series, expressed his yearning for a life in the distant United States. After the Second World War, Finland was not a rich country because of a series of poor times.

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