thank you from nordic

The name of our shop, Tacksamycket, means "thank you" in Swedish. It conveys the beautiful world of Scandinavia and conveys the meaning of doing work that will be appreciated by customers.

Our shop offers good products at low prices through direct purchases in Northern Europe. We mainly deal with Scandinavian tableware from Sweden, such as Gustavsberg and Rorstrand.

nordic world view

Northern Europe is a country where the sunshine hours are short during long winters and the weather is rarely sunny. However, Scandinavian tableware is full of colorful, warm and well-designed items that blow away such strictness.

Gustavsberg's Versa vessel, for example, is painted with lush leaves reminiscent of spring and summer. I think it is one of the ways to feel the fresh green season, which is relatively short in a year in Northern Europe, at any time through the dining table. Brightness and warmth are always by your side by transferring them to a vessel. I think that the excellent function of Nordic tableware lies in such places.

Color your daily life through the four seasons. And with the motto "I want to convey the Nordic world view", this site was newly opened in March 2022.

Owner Nakamura