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Rorstrand Diamant Berry Creamer

Rorstrand Diamant Berry Creamer

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Rorstrand Diamant Berry creamer. Rorstrand has released a series called Diamant as a blockbuster, but there are several design variations in the Diamant series. The base Diamant series is a simple one that draws a small lily of the valley, but this is a greatly refined design.

Susuki and lingonberries, which are indispensable for Scandinavian cuisine, are drawn around the creamer. Diamant Berry has a petite size creamer, but this is a large size creamer with a handle. The large size is relatively rare, and it is a good work depicting the scenery of a good harvest in autumn.

■ Details
Manufacturer: Rorstrand / Rorstrand
designer: Jacqueline Lynd
Years: 1980s
Country of Origin: Sweden
Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: mint condition)
The cutlery marks on the bottom can be seen through the light, but overall it is in very good condition with no feeling of use and the original appearance.

■Size: Diameter 11.3cm Width 16.2cm Height 7.7cm

About Jackie Lind

Jackie Lind ( JACQUELINE "JACKIE" LYND 1948-)

Born in Ireland. At the age of 25, he moved to Sweden and started working as a designer at Rorstrand the following year. He often collaborates with Carl-Harry Stalhane, who was the art leader of Rorstrand in the 1960s. The Nordica series, which has the image of angel wings, is the best hit among the works designed by the two. Lindo's Japonica series, in which cherry blossoms are scattered, is also known as Lind's work, and the feature of Lind's work is that it draws flowers with a single point in a simple design.

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