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ARABIA Harlekin Karneval teacup and saucer

ARABIA Harlekin Karneval teacup and saucer

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It is a tea cup of the Harlequin series of Finland's representative tableware manufacturer ARABIA. The Harlequin series, which means "clown", comes in multiple color variations: white, turquoise, red hat, gold, and this carnival. There are also two sizes of coffee cup and tea cup, and this is the larger tea cup size. Carnival is the only harlequin that includes not only coloring but also decoration. Carnival is often misunderstood because it is translated as Carnival in Japanese, but it basically means a time when meat is not eaten. The word carnival came to mean a festival because the party held on the day before abstinence from meat was grand. On this day, there is a parade of people wearing costumes and throwing flowers, so it seems that these floral decorations are being used.

The designer is Inkeri Leivo. She is best known for her cherry-patterned cups called Kirsikka. Besides that, he is also famous for devising designs such as Taika and Arctica. He is one of the central designers in the latter half of the 20th century who supported ARABIA when major designers such as Raja Uosikkinen and Kai Franck withdrew from the forefront. While pottery manufacturing technology improved, it was also an era when cheap foreign-made tableware gradually emerged from the glorious era of the mid-century, and it was also a time of decline for Arabia to reduce production. Harlequin is one of the masterpieces that challenged the game with form and design.

■Details Manufacturer: ARABIA Series: Harlekin Karneval Designer: Inkeri Leivo.
Year: 1988-1997 Country of Origin: Finland Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: Good Condition)
This product has multiple items in stock. There are no cracks or chips, but cutlery marks can be seen on the saucer when exposed to light. If you would like to check individual conditions, please contact us via email or chat.

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