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ARABIA Ali coffee cup trio

ARABIA Ali coffee cup trio

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A trio of coffee cups, saucers and cake plates made by ARABIA, Finland's leading tableware manufacturer. The coffee cup will be as small as an espresso cup.

The Ali series was produced between 1961 and 1973. It was launched into the world by two designers, Kaj Franck and Laija Uosikkinen, who were the famous combination of ARABIA. Ant is the last copper plate transfer work among 20th century ARABIA products. Copper plate transfer is a type of silk screen printing, in which cobalt-based ink is placed on a copper plate with a pattern design, the transfer paper is brushed onto plain pottery to fix it, and a thin transparent glaze is applied over and over again. It repeats the process of re-firing. Individual differences such as color shading and unevenness occur depending on the strength of the transfer. Individual differences such as color shading and unevenness occur depending on the strength of the transfer. Compared to pasting transfer paper uniformly and without unevenness, the difference in gradation creates individuality and taste, and the skill of the craftsman is clearly visible.

This work is very time-consuming, so Ali stopped production during the 1973 oil crisis. During this period, production of the masterpiece Paratiisi also ended, and it was a serious time when the production of the main lineup up to that point was forced to end production across the board. In addition, in the 1980s, when cheap pottery began to gain prominence, many ARABIA products were created to reduce costs by pasting pre-made transfer paper as it was or decorating with simple hand painting, omitting the process. was The works from the 1980s onwards are extremely simple in decoration compared to the works of the golden age up until then, and you can feel the painful times when it was not possible to spend time and effort on costs. Considering the historical background, Ali can be said to be the last work of the golden age of ARABIA. Please take a look at this opportunity.

■Details Manufacturer: ARABIA Form Design: Kaj Franck Pattern Design: Raija Uosikkinen Age: 1961-1973 Country of Origin: Finland Condition: with translation
We will send you the actual item in the photo. All three items are dead stock items that have never been used, but there is a penetration in the handle of the cup and the rim of the saucer, and the bottom of the cup is browned during manufacturing. Penetration is a crack that runs through the glaze surface during firing in the manufacturing process, and is not a scratch or damage to the main body itself. It has passed the manufacturer's inspection. It will be offered at a bargain price as a product with translation.

About Kai Frank

Kaj Franck, 1911-1989 )

Born in Vyborg, Russia. In 1945, he became head of the manufacturing department of Arabia. Also same year. He is also a professor at the Aalto University Faculty of Art, Finland's premier art university. In 2011, a commemorative coin was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

■ About Laija Uosikkinen

Raija Uosikkinen

Raja Uosikkinen ( Raija Uosikkinen, 1923-2004 )

Born in Holoran, a town in southern Finland. In 1947, he graduated from Aalto University Faculty of Arts and joined Arabia. For 40 years until 1986, he worked as an exclusive designer for Arabia, and was in charge of the design of the Emilia series and Kalevala earplates. He often collaborated with Kaj Franck, and basically Kaj Franck provided the form of the product, and Uosikkinen provided the decorative design.

Even after retiring from ARABIA in 1986 , Raija Uosikkinen continued to live in a house right next to the company and welcomed the company's current designers and students from Aalto University to his home, welcoming them in a friendly manner. It is said that he was instructed by It is said that his representative work, the Emilia series, expressed his yearning for a life in the distant United States. After the Second World War, Finland was not a rich country because of the continuous period of poverty.

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