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ARABIA Valencia 23 cm Deep Plate

ARABIA Valencia 23 cm Deep Plate

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It is a plate of hand-painted tableware Valencia, which is synonymous with ARABIA. The Valencia series includes tea cups, soup turins, cutting boards, juicers, pitchers, teapots, and other tableware. This is a 23cm deep plate with a high degree of detail.

The series name Valencia is the name of a port town in the southeastern part of Spain, and the deep cobalt blue color expresses the dull color of the Mediterranean sea and the strong sunlight. Designer Ulla Procoppe designed Valencia in 1961, and this work has become a timeless masterpiece with the most antique fans among ARABIA products. Procoppe is also responsible for the design of the long-running product Ruska and the rare Flora.

Procoppe died of an illness in 1968 at the young age of 47, but she was recuperated in the Canary Islands in Spain, and it is said that she spent her entire life with the beaches of Spain. After her death, Valencia went into long-run production like the other series, and was manufactured in Finland for over 40 years until 2002. Since then, it has not been reprinted, and the only ones currently available are those on the vintage market.

In addition, since the hand sign on the back is handwritten, it was produced in the 1960s and 1970s. Valencia has been temporarily discontinued and revived since the 1980s, but after the revival, it was stamped with ARABIA with a type stamp, and the handwritten signature was no longer drawn.

The hand-signed Valencia is therefore the oldest of the vintages. UP is the initials of Ulla Procoppe, and the painter's initials are signed on the right side separated by slashes.

■Details Manufacturer: ARABIA / Arabia Designer: Ulla Procope Age: 1961-1970s Country of Origin: Finland
We will send you the actual item in the photo. It will be a dead stock item that has been preserved as it was at the time of manufacture. There are very fine scratches on the surface due to storage, but it is in very good condition with no history of use. You can see the traces of the struts at the time of manufacture on the back edge.

About Ulla Procoppe

Ulla Procope

Ulla Procoppe ( Ulla Procope , 1921-1968)

Born in Helsinki. After graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design at Aalto University in Helsinki in 1948, he joined Arabia. After that, I was in charge of design in the production department for 20 years, in 1960 Ruska series, 1961 Creates the Valencia series. Rusca is the flagship product with the longest running and highest sales volume among Arabian products. The Valencia series is the last hand-painted product from Arabia. After retiring from active duty due to cancer, Procope moved to the Canary Islands in Spain. He died there at the age of 47.

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