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ARABIA Anemon Oven Plate Extra Large

ARABIA Anemon Oven Plate Extra Large

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■Product Description This is the Anemone series of hand-painted tableware decorated with deep blue, designed by Ulla Procoppe, who is famous in Valencia. It is often seen that different designers are in charge of pattern design and form design for ARABIA tableware, but the Anemone series was designed by Ulla Procoppe alone. It is a large oven dish that is useful for everyday use, and is not too flashy or too simple, with careful color scheme and form.

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Manufacturer: ARABIA Designer: Ulla Procope Series name: Anemone Age: 1970s Country of origin: Finland Condition ★★★☆☆ (3: normal)
It is in perfect condition with no cracks or chips. Cutlery marks can be seen on the surface plate and one of the edges. It is a vintage item that was normally used in a typical household.

Size Width 30.3cm Height 22.8cm Height 5.5cm

About Ulla Procoppe

Ulla Procope

Ulla Procope ( 1921-1968 )

Born in Helsinki. After graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design at Aalto University in Helsinki in 1948, he joined Arabia. After that, he was in charge of design in the production department for 20 years, and produced the Ruska series in 1960 and the Valencia series in 1961. Rusca is the flagship product with the longest running and highest sales volume among Arabian products. The Valencia series is the last hand-painted product from Arabia. After retiring from active duty due to cancer, Procope emigrated to the Canary Islands in Spain, where he died at the age of 47.

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