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Lisa Larson

Rare one-of-a-kind Lisa Larson unique piece cat, cat, cat figurine

Rare one-of-a-kind Lisa Larson unique piece cat, cat, cat figurine

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This is a one-of-a-kind cat figurine produced by Lisa Larson at Gustavsberg in the 1950s. This is the work (actual item) whose photo is published in Lisa Larson's RETRO book.

Lisa Larson's early cat work is best known as Cat (Katt) from the series Stora Zoo, designed in 1956. This is a prototype of a cat figurine made in 1958 for a large zoo (Stora Zoo) .It is a phantom work that is not well known to the public and is called the "Rib Series", which is made only of animal skeletons. This is one of the.

The Rib series includes multiple animals such as horses and birds, but no two pieces are the same for each animal. Although this is Lisa Larson's most popular cat work, this is the only cat work in the series that we can confirm. Later mass-market products of Lisa Larson's works were modeled after the Rib series. The Rib series is a unique piece that forms the backbone of Lisa Larson's world-famous works.

The cat works in the Stora Zoo series were released in 1958, so I think this work was made in 1956 or 1957. Replicas of the large zoo series cats are still manufactured and sold under the trade name ``Max.'' This work is a one-of-a-kind piece (unique piece) that is the origin of the world-famous Max. On the back is the signature of LISA L., which is the person's signature.

This time, I was able to get it in stock. Since Lisa Larson's death, her work has become even more valuable. This is a work that will never be in stock again and is worth the price. Please take this opportunity to take a look.

■Detailed specifications Manufacturer: Gustavsberg Designer: Lisa Larson Year: 1950s Country of origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★★ (5: Complete)
It is in perfect condition with no cracks or chips and remains as it was at the time of production. The back is unglazed and retains the roughness of being fired in a kiln. This is a unique piece with excellent workmanship.

■Size Width 34.5cm Height 15cm Depth 3cm

Gustavsberg's G-Studion


Apart from the mass production line, Gustavsberg had a department called G-Studion. Famous designers such as Willhelm Koge, Stig Lindberg and Lisa Larsson created their artwork here.

Founded in 1942, G Studio was a group of artists, designers, craftsmen and illustrators whose activities ranged from creative work to exhibition ceramics, public space art production and industrial design. . It operated until 1993 and served as an ``aesthetic laboratory''. It was also responsible for providing design ideas for Gustavsberg's mass-produced products.

G-Studio was a renovated atelier in an old building from a ceramics factory in Gustavsberg, and was a hub for more than 100 artists and craftsmen. It is no exaggeration to say that Gustavsberg's ceramic tradition of the 20th century originated from here. It was a centerpiece of the Swedish art and design world and served as a breeding ground for new creativity.

Each piece of G Studio's work is handmade, and there are videos showing the production process. The video shows a man wearing round glasses, designer Stig Lindberg. And on the right side you can see Willhelm Koge, who was the studio director.

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Lisa Larson

lisa larson

Lisa Larson (1931-2024)

A world-renowned ceramic artist representing Sweden. Born in the village of Härlunda, in the Älmhult district of Kronoberg county in the Småland region of southern Sweden.

When she was young, she aspired to be a clothing designer, but after enrolling at Gothenburg University of the Arts, she studied ceramics. One day, he was discovered by Stig Lindberg at a competition, and after a one-year trial period, he officially joined Gustavsberg as a designer. Shortly after, in 1955, he announced the Lilla zoo series, and in 1964 he devised the Afrika series, famous for its lion statues.

In addition to Gustavsberg, Lisa Larsson has also provided designs for Höganäs, domestic retail giant Åhléns, and German pottery manufacturer Rosenthal. After leaving Gustavsberg in 1979, he was active in various fields while continuing his creative activities freely, taking the position of a freelance artist under a voluntary contract with a company rather than an exclusive contract. In 1979 and 1981, he held solo exhibitions at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo, and his solo exhibition in 1981 is said to have attracted 70,000 visitors.

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