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1940s Rorstrand Lars Thorén Bilder Blommo 19cm plate

1940s Rorstrand Lars Thorén Bilder Blommo 19cm plate

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This is the Bilda Blodmå series, produced in the 1940s by Rörstrand, a leading Swedish pottery manufacturer. Bilda Blodmå means "flowers blooming in the field" in Swedish, and this series features a wide variety of flowers blooming in the grasslands, hand-painted. The flowers, painted freely and with free brushstrokes, stand out against the milky white background, evoking the good old days when artisans carefully painted each pattern.

The designer was Lars Toren, who worked at the company from 1935 to 1957. He was a designer who specialized in paint, and was also the artist for works by Rörstrand master Carl-Harry Stalhan.

The initials LTh, which are the initials of Lars Thorén, are engraved on the bottom.

Bilda Brommo is a rare piece made using faience pottery in modern times. Faience pottery is made by drying a vessel made from red clay, then dipping it in a white glaze called tin glaze and firing it. This technique was invented in ancient Egypt and is the oldest method of making pottery using glaze in the world. It is characterized by a milky white base that feels moist to the touch, and because it is not a hard glassy material, it is prone to breakage. It is rare for a vessel from around 80 years ago to remain in such a good condition, so it is in very good condition.

■ Detailed specifications

Manufacturer: Rörstrand Series: Vilda Blommor Designer: Lars Thorén Year: 1940s Country of origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: Excellent condition)
The plate has paint splatters, which is a condition peculiar to hand painting. There are also support marks, dents, and chips on the edges that occurred during the manufacturing process. This item is available in multiple stock. If you would like to check the individual condition, please contact us via chat or message. The plate itself is a dead stock item in good condition.


Diameter 19cm Height 1.5cm

roll strand

roll strand

Rorstrand is the oldest pottery manufacturer in Northern Europe, founded in 1726 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It has produced many of Sweden's leading designers such as Marianne Westman, Gunnar Nylund, and Karl Harry Starhan. Rorstrand tableware is also used at Nobel Prize banquets and other events.

Rörstrand is a manufacturer that produces many artistic pieces as well as everyday tableware. ARABIA, which is the second oldest pottery manufacturer in Europe after Meissen, and is now known as a manufacturer from Finland, was originally the Helsinki factory of Rorstrand. Our store carries a wide variety of products, from art pieces to everyday tableware from Scandinavia's most traditional and historic manufacturers.

Check out our roll strand collection here!

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