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Rorstrand Sylvia Teapot

Rorstrand Sylvia Teapot

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This is a masterpiece Silvia designed by Rorstrand, a long-established tableware manufacturer representing Sweden, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of its founding. The product form was designed by Marianne Westmann, who is famous for Monami.

"250 ar Jubileumsservis" under the backstamp is Swedish for "250th anniversary tableware". Compared to other Rolstrand products, the stamp is more decorative and conveys the effort put into the anniversary model. As for the workmanship as a vessel, among the Rorstrand products of the 1970s, the luster of the glaze and the clarity of the pattern boasts a remarkably high quality. It is a beautiful tableware with a high degree of perfection, such as not being able to see the support marks (marks) peculiar to Scandinavian tableware.

This is Silvia's teapot. Some Silvia teapots are vertically long, but this one has a large-capacity shape. It will be the largest teapot in the series. The original strainer (tea strainer) is also attached, and all accessories are in good condition.

Details Manufacturer: Rorstrand Series: Slyvia Form Design: Marianne Westman Pattern Design: Sylvia Leuchovius Age: 1976-1982 Country of Origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★☆ ( 4.5: Pole beauty product)
There is a slight thread in the state of preservation, but there is no evidence of use and the condition is close to complete.

About Marianne Westman

Marianne Westman ( Marianne Westman, 1928-2017 )

Born in the Dalarna region in central Sweden, known for its Dalarna Horse. In 1950, at the age of 22, he joined Rorstrand as a designer, and until 1971, he created many designs. It is said that she was initially reluctant to work as a designer for a major pottery manufacturer. It seems that he really wanted to open his own pottery workshop in his hometown of Dalarna. However, her monami pattern quickly became a representative design of Swedish mid-century. Westman 's works are characterized by many bohemian designs that are conscious of plants and freehand drawings.

About Silvia Leuschovius

Silvia Leuchovius ( Sylvia Leuchovius, 1915-2003)

Born in Småland, southern Sweden. Originally, he wanted to be a fashion designer and worked as a dressmaker, but at the age of 30, he studied art graphics at the University of Gothenburg in the southwest, and changed jobs to Rorstrand. Even within the company , he established himself as a unique artist who made a clear distinction from the mass production line, such as manufacturing ceramic plates and art works depicting still life paintings. Although he has a unique career as a designer, it is understood that he was given the highest evaluation within the company, such as being entrusted with the design of the 250th anniversary model of Rorstrand. Her porcelain motifs and background of the university she graduated from are in line with Lisa Larson, and she has a prominent presence in the Nordic art scene.

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