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Rare Size Roll Strand Sylvia Tea Cup & Saucer

Rare Size Roll Strand Sylvia Tea Cup & Saucer

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This is a rare tea cup and saucer set from the "Silvia" series designed by Rorstrand, Sweden's leading tableware manufacturer, to commemorate its 250th anniversary. It has a large capacity and is wide in shape. Sylvia also has smaller coffee cups, but this one is a larger teacup size.

The product's form design was created by Marianne Westman, known for the Monami series, and the violet flower decoration was created by the company's designer, Silvia Leuchovius.

Released in 1976, it was the year of the wedding of King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and Queen Sylvia Zommerad. Although there were objections to the marriage of Queen Silvia, who was a civilian from a foreign country, Sweden's leading artists such as ABBA came out in support of her. ABBA's hit song 'Dancing Queen' was first performed on the eve of the wedding, and the name 'Queen' is said to be a tribute to Queen Silvia. Rorstrand's 250th anniversary model, named Silvia, is also meant to welcome a new queen.

Queen Silvia continued her philanthropic work in the fields of elderly care and child welfare, and is now widely respected by the Swedish people.

The back stamp is engraved with the words "250 ar Jubileumsservis", which means "250th Anniversary Tableware" in Swedish. A more decorative back stamp is designed compared to the Rolstrand product, which conveys the special commitment to the anniversary model.

The Sylvia series was developed as a series of tableware including tea cups, coffee cups, plates, pitchers, creamers, and bowls. Made of hard, thin bone china with a transparent glaze, beautiful patterns, and sophisticated form, it boasts particularly high quality as a rolled strand product from the 1970s.

It is also noteworthy that the Sylvia series does not have the pillar marks that are common in Scandinavian vintage tableware, indicating that the kiln firing environment has been completely redesigned for the Sylvia series. This is a masterpiece with a high degree of perfection and beauty among Scandinavian vintage tableware.

■Details Manufacturer: Rorstrand / Rorstrand Series: Slyvia / Sylvia Form Design: Marianne Westman / Marianne Westman Pattern Design: Sylvia Leuchovius / Sylvia Leuchovius Year: 1976-1982 Country of Origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★☆ ( 4.5: Very good condition)
When you hold the saucer under the light, you can see slight scratches on the raised holder, but the cup shows no signs of being used and is in excellent condition, remaining in its original condition. This item is in stock in multiple quantities. All items in stock are in the same condition as the photo. If you would like to check individual conditions, please contact us via chat or email.

■Size Diameter 9cm Height 6.5cm Saucer diameter 16cm

roll strand

roll strand

Rorstrand is the oldest pottery manufacturer in Northern Europe, founded in 1726 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It has produced many of Sweden's leading designers such as Marianne Westman, Gunnar Nylund, and Karl Harry Starhan. Rorstrand tableware is also used at Nobel Prize banquets and other events.

Rörstrand is a manufacturer that produces many artistic pieces as well as everyday tableware. ARABIA, which is the second oldest pottery manufacturer in Europe after Meissen, and is now known as a manufacturer from Finland, was originally the Helsinki factory of Rorstrand. Our store carries a wide variety of products, from art pieces to everyday tableware from Scandinavia's most traditional and historic manufacturers.

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Marianne Westman

Marianne Westman

Marianne Westman ( Marianne Westman, 1928-2017 )

Born in the Dalarna region of central Sweden, known for Dalarna horses. In 1950, at the age of 22, he joined Rorstrand as a designer and remained there for 21 years until 1971. As the company's signboard designer, he has created numerous works and brought the masterpiece Mon Amie series to the world. Monami is a masterpiece of Scandinavian design from the mid-20th century, known as "mid-century," and is still loved around the world, with reprints still being produced . Westman's works are characterized by many designs that are conscious of plants and free-spirited patterns that appear to be drawn freehand.

Click here for a list of Marianne Westman's works.

Sylvia Leuchovius

Sylvia Leuchovius

Silvia Leuchovius ( Sylvia Leuchovius, 1915-2003)

Born in the Småland region of southern Sweden. Originally, he wanted to become a clothing designer and took up a job as a dressmaker, but at the age of 30, after studying art graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Gothenburg in the southwest, he changed his job to Rorstrand. He established himself as a unique artist, setting himself apart from mass production lines by manufacturing ceramic plates and still life paintings in-house. Although he has an unusual background as a designer, it is clear that he was highly regarded within the company, as he was entrusted with the design of Rorstrand's 250th anniversary model. Her ceramic motifs and her university background match those of Lisa Larson, and she has a distinct presence in the Nordic art scene.

Click here for a list of Silvia Leuchovius ' works.

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