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Roll Strand Anemon Plate 18cm PJ01

Roll Strand Anemon Plate 18cm PJ01

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It is a plate of the Anemon series of Swedish famous kiln Rorstrand. A cute vessel with anemone flower pattern. Anemon is a series that was produced for a fairly short period of time from 1965 to 1968. The design of the 1960s was pop, and considering the traditional background of the time when traditional wreath patterns were the mainstream, Anemone seems to have had a heretical side because it is so simple. To this day, Anemone has never been resold, although it gradually became popular in the days after its production was discontinued. Therefore, despite being a popular series, it can only be obtained in the vintage market.

Anemone has a weak brown glaze, so paint loss is likely to occur, and cutlery marks are easy to see. Combined with the fact that the production period was short, the number of rare and good condition items is gradually decreasing.

■ Details Manufacturer: Rorstrand / Rorstrand Designer: Marianne Westman / Marianne Westman?
Country of Origin: Sweden Age: 1965-1968 Condition: ★★★☆☆ (3.5: good product)
There is no major damage such as cracks and chips, but cutlery marks can be seen in the center of the plate and around the edge of the rise when viewed through the light. In addition, a thread is seen near the hill of the back. Although it is in relatively good condition with gloss, please be aware of cutlery marks.

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