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Marimekko Teapot Siirtolapuutarha Parallel import goods

Marimekko Teapot Siirtolapuutarha Parallel import goods

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A classic teapot made by Marimekko, a Finnish tableware maker. The teapot mold is called Oiva and was designed by Finnish designer Sami Ruotsalainen. Originally a glass artist, Ruotsalainen is currently in charge of designing tableware for brands such as Iittala, ARABIA and Marimekko.

black dot pattern design It was created by an up-and-coming designer named Maija Roekkali. Based on the Räsymatto pattern, which means "tattered cloth" designed by Roekkali , the pattern design is newly named Siirtolapuutarha with changes in coarseness and fineness.

Siltraputalha means "kitchen garden" in Finnish. The black dots expressed in a somewhat zig-zag pattern represent a landscape in which seeds have been sown, representing the linear and square vegetable gardens that can be seen in the corners of towns.

The teapot itself weighs about 1kg, but the smooth curved wooden handle makes it easy to handle, and the 700ml capacity is suitable for tea parties with multiple people or for making coffee ahead of time. The strainer (tea strainer) is designed with a wide mouth so that the tea leaves can fully open when steamed. You can also use it by submerging a teapot inside.

*This product has a wooden handle, so it cannot be used in microwave ovens, open flames, or dishwashers.

■ Details Manufacturer: marimekko / Marimekko form design: Sami Ruotsalainen / Sami Ruotsalainen
Pattern design: Maija Louekari Series name: Siirtolapuutarha / shirtraputalha
Years: 2009-
Country of Manufacture: Thailand Condition: ★★★★★ (5: Parallel import goods)
It is a parallel import product. It is an unused local item purchased directly from Marimekko in Finland. It will be sent in an original outer box with the marimekko logo.

About Sami Ruotsalainen

Sami Ruotsalainen ( Sami Ruotsalainen)
After graduating from Aalto College of Art in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, he has been providing designs to Marimekko since 2001.

■ About Maya Roekkali

Maija Louekari (1982- )

Born in Oulu, a port city in central Finland. Studied textile design at the Helsinki University of Art and Design (now Aalto University). In 2003, while still a student, she won a design contest jointly organized by Marimekko and the university with her work "hetkiä (time)". After graduating, he worked as a designer for Marimekko, and in 2009 he released the "Siltraputalha" series, producing various variations of tableware. Along with Aino-Maija Mezzola and Paavo Halonen, he is one of the leading designers of modern Marimekko.

“hektiä (time)”, the winning work of the competition

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