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ARABIA Crocus (Krokus) 17 cm plate

ARABIA Crocus (Krokus) 17 cm plate

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This is a fantastic masterpiece crocus from ARABIA, Finland's leading tableware manufacturer. Crocus is a type of iris flower. There are three types of Crocus plates: a black and white version, a color version, and a gray rim version, but this is the black and white version. Crocus is a series that was manufactured for only two years from 1978 to 1979. In recent years, reprints of mugs, bowls, and 17cm plates have been produced.

However, the reproduction version is made in Thailand and has a sweeter form, and the canister, cup and saucer, teapot, etc. that were seen in the original Crocus are not reproduced. This item is very popular in the home country, and it is rare to see it in the vintage market, so the market price is also high. This 17cm plate is a vintage version with a flared edge. The reprint version has a deeper plate with an inwardly curved edge. It feels light when you hold it flat, and a vintage feature is that it follows the form of a traditional Scandinavian tableware cake plate.

■Detailed specifications

Manufacturer: ARABIA / Arabia Series Name: Krokus / Crocus form design: Peter Winquist / Peter Winqvist
Pattern design: Esteri Tomula / Esteli Tomura Year: 1978-1979 Country of origin: Finland Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: Good condition)
There are slight scratches on the surface when exposed to light, but it is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, or penetrations. The dents visible on the back are the remains of the pillars during manufacturing. This product is available in multiple quantities. All items in stock are in the same condition as the photo. If you would like to check individual conditions, please contact us via chat or email.


Diameter 17cm Height 1.8cm

Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomura (1920-1998)

Born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Her father, who was a university professor, bought a villa in the countryside called Urjalan in northwest Helsinki, and her childhood was spent every summer at the villa with her family, which was rich in nature, which deepened her knowledge of nature. be done. Esteri Tomura had a congenital condition called dwarfism, and initially majored in ceramics at Aalto University of the Arts in Helsinki, but due to physical reasons, she was unable to work with clay satisfactorily. Therefore, he gave up on the career of ceramics and sought his own expertise in design.

After joining ARABIA , he honed his skills as a pattern designer with Laiya Uosikkinen, who became his lifelong friend. While Uosikkinen preferred abstract and geometric patterns, Tomura seeks the origin of his designs in the flowers and flowers of Finland, which was the original landscape of his childhood. Tomura, who created masterpieces despite his physical handicaps, has similarities with Birger Kaipiainen, who designed the timeless masterpiece Paratissi despite suffering from polio.

Click here for a list of Esteri Tomura's works♪

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