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ARABIA 1980 Andreas Alariesto Sami Ethnographic Memorial Plate

ARABIA 1980 Andreas Alariesto Sami Ethnographic Memorial Plate

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A limited edition of 7,000 commemorative plates produced by Arabia, a leading Finnish ceramics manufacturer. It is a plate of a painting by a painter from Lapland, Andreas Alariesto (1900-1989). This one was manufactured in 1980. The life of the indigenous people living in Lapland around 1900 and the state of hunting are drawn. Lapland is a northern region in Northern Europe that straddles Norway, Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia. The indigenous people who live here are called the Sámi in the frigid regions that enter the Arctic Circle. The author Araliesto himself is from the Sámi, and his sketches are included in the plate as an ethnographic record. It is a large plate with a size of nearly 30 cm, and the life of people at that time is vividly depicted in the gold-rimmed plate. It depicts the nomadic Sami's portable tents and stilt dwellings for wintering. Four languages ​​are written on the back: Finnish, Swedish, German, and English.

■Details Manufacturer: ARABIA Designer: Andreas Alariesto Age: 1980 Country of Manufacture: Finland Condition: ★★★★★ (5: Complete)
It was used as a decorative plate. It is in perfect condition with no noticeable damage. There is metal fittings at the time of manufacture on the back, and it can be used as a wall hanging.

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