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ARABIA Kartano Pitcher

ARABIA Kartano Pitcher

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It is a pitcher of the series called Cartano of Finland's representative tableware manufacturer ARABIA. Kartano is a Finnish word meaning a manor or a mansion, and refers to a mansion inhabited by aristocrats in the Middle Ages. Contrary to the gorgeous name, the decoration is simple, but I think it probably expresses the scenery of the garden of the nobility. The regularly arranged dots and grape-like patterns remind us of a well-maintained garden. It was designed by a combination of Peter Winqvist and Esteri Tomra, who invented the masterpiece Crocus. Esteri Tomra, who was in charge of the decoration, almost always incorporates flowers into the design.

Cartano is a series that was produced for a short period of time until two years before Crocus was released. Crocuses are still common on the vintage market, but Cartano is rarely available and pitchers are particularly rare, probably because the original production was small. It has a large capacity of about 1 liter and can be used in various situations. Please take a look at this opportunity.

Details Manufacturer: ARABIA Series: Kartano Form Design: Peter Winquist Pattern Design: Esteri Tomula Age: 1973-1976 Country of Origin: Finland Condition: ★★★★☆ (4 :Beauty products)
There is a slight thread on the side, but it is a beautiful item with no feeling of use. The tea on the hill is not dirt, but the pottery clay of the groundwork becomes transparent. Vintage tableware has such an expression because the fire did not pass through the plate well during the kiln firing. Please understand it as a feature of the product.

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