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Rörstrand Gunnar Nylund Double Teapot

Rörstrand Gunnar Nylund Double Teapot

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A double teapot made by Swedish potter Gunnar Nylund. It has a structure that fills the bowl at the bottom with hot water and keeps the tea at the top from cooling. It was produced in the 1940s and 1950s when Gunnar Nylund was enrolled in Rorstrand. The bottom is engraved with the Rorstrand mark and Gunnar Nylund's surname. Usually, many of the initials "GN" are engraved, and Nylund's signature is quite rare.

Gunnar Nylund is a ceramic artist representing Northern Europe, but his style is distinct from the simple and fashionable design of the so-called Nordic modern. It is characterized by a shape similar to Japanese tableware and Chinese teaware, and basically no painting is done, and the work only expresses the natural glaze that occurs due to changes in kiln firing. This double teapot has the ruggedness of the soil, while the round and deformed shape is also cute. It is handed down to the present day as a work of a unique artist in the Nordic ceramic art world.

■ Detailed specifications

Manufacturer: Rörstrand Designer: Gunnar Nylund Age: 1940s-50s Country of Origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★☆ (4: Good Condition)
Penetration can be seen on the inner bottom and outer plateau of the bottom heat retaining pot. Penetration is a crack that runs on the glaze surface during firing in the manufacturing process, and it is not a scratch during use, but a product that has passed the manufacturer's inspection. There is no leakage and there is no problem in use. There is a small crack in the potter's clay on the side when firing in the kiln, but the body itself is in close to mint condition with very little history of use.

■ size

Top: Horizontal Width 15cm Height 10.5cm
Bottom: Width 19cm Height 11.5cm

Gunnar Nylund

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

Swedish potter. Born in Paris. After receiving his primary education in Denmark and studying architecture in Finland, he trained in ceramics in Denmark. Initially he worked as a designer at Bing og Grendal in Denmark, but from 1931 to 1955 he worked at Rorstrand in Sweden. Many of Nylund's famous works were created during his Swedish period, and his style is particularly characterized by the use of natural glaze to decorate the vessels in mottled patterns. His style has an affinity with Japanese tableware, but in Scandinavia at the time, tableware was commonly dipped in glaze and fired, and Nylund's natural glaze was melted from high-temperature feldspar and colored the vessel. The method was novel.

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