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Rorstrand Gunnar Nylund Solros extra large vase

Rorstrand Gunnar Nylund Solros extra large vase

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Flower vase from the atelier of Rorstrand, a long-established pottery manufacturer representing Northern Europe. In Rorstrand, there was a separate line where well-known designers produced artworks separately from the line that produced mass-market products. Here in 1959 Art piece designed by Gunnar Nylund .

Gunnar Nylund worked for Rorstrand until 1955, after which he worked independently as a freelance designer, receiving requests from companies around the world. This flower vase is named Solros, which means "sunflower" in Swedish. The overall structure is thick and heavy, and the sunflower shape is covered with transparent glaze. It is a device that makes the three-dimensional effect of the flower stand out even more when the light is reflected. The yellow glaze and the black glaze in the streak-carved grooves are very powerful, and even if it is a flower vase, it has an impact that takes away the main role from the flower. The bottom is engraved with GN, the initials of Gunnar Nylund. This flower base is 24 cm in size, which is the largest size in the same series.

■ Details Manufacturer: Rörstrand / Rollstrand
Designer: Gunnar Nylund
Series: Solros
Year: 1959
Country of Origin: Sweden Condition: ★★★★★ (5: Complete)
It is a complete product with no history of use. It is in mint condition with good workmanship as a vessel and well retaining the original appearance. There is a very thin dent on the hill that occurred during manufacturing in one place.

■ Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

Swedish potter. Born in Paris, received primary education in Denmark, studied architecture in Finland, and then trained in ceramics in Denmark. Initially worked as a designer at Bing O Grendal in Denmark, but from 1931 to 1955 he worked for Rorstrand in Sweden. Many of Nylund's famous works were created during his time in Sweden, and are particularly characterized by his style in which the natural glaze colors the vessels in mottled patterns. The style has an affinity with Japanese tableware, but in Northern Europe at the time, tableware was generally glazed and baked. The method was novel.
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