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Jie Gantofta

Jii Gantofuta Large ceramic plate No. 767 "Barley and Margaret"

Jii Gantofuta Large ceramic plate No. 767 "Barley and Margaret"

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This is a ceramic plate from the famous Swedish kiln Jii Gantofta. An unglazed ceramic plate with barley and daisies drawn on it. Normally, Gantt lid ceramic plates are bordered with glaze, but this series is a relatively old work, and the ceramic plates are unglazed except for the coloring of the plants. It is also characterized by the fact that not only one point but multiple plants are drawn. Barley is harvested around June. The flowering season of daisy daisies is also around June, so the scenery is just around the time of harvest. The whiteness of the chrysanthemum shines in the barley field, and literally adds flowers to the rural landscape.

■ Details
Manufacturer: Jie Gantofta
Designer: Aimo Nietosvuori
Years: 1960s
Country of Origin: Sweden
Condition: ★★★★★ (5: Complete)
It is in perfect condition with no damage to mention and the appearance at the time of manufacture is kept as it is. The sticker from the time of manufacture remains on the back, and there is no feeling of use.

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