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Gustavsberg Krakel Spektakel tea cup and bowl set

Gustavsberg Krakel Spektakel tea cup and bowl set

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A rare Gustavsberg cup.

【Product introduction】

This product was created to commemorate the fact that Stig Lindberg was in charge of the character design for the children's story "Chucky Cracker" by Swedish children's writer Lennart Helsing. Since the absolute number is small, bowls and cups are not often sold as a set on the market. The bowl picture has two patterns, one facing right and one facing left, and this one is facing right.

[Artist] Stig Lindberg

[Date] Around 1970

[Condition] ★★☆☆☆ (2.5: slightly scratched)
Paint loss can be seen on the bowl surface. The cup has a crack on one handle and a stain on the top of the handle. You can also see the part where the hill is thin and missing.


Cup diameter (including handle): 14cm
Cup height: 8cm

Bowl diameter: 16.8cm

[Manufacturing] Gustavsberg

[Country of origin] Sweden

[About Stig Lindberg]

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982)

Lindberg was born in Umeå, a central city in northern Sweden. Art University Konstfack in Stockholm (

Konstfack) to learn painting. In 1937, he joined Gustavsberg and studied under his teacher, Wilhelm Koge, and 12 years later, in 1949, he succeeded Koge as the company's art director. Since then, Lindberg has released numerous works as a standard-bearer of Swedish modernism in the middle of the 20th century. The Gustavsberg workshop reached its heyday in the era when Lindberg was active, and even now the works of that time are recognized as the golden age called "mid-century" and have high value.

Lindberg's studio was called G-Studion, and young painters were showing great skill. Lindberg retired in 1980 and opened a workshop in Italy where he retired, but died there two years later.

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