Gustavsberg's G-Studion

Gustavsberg had a separate department called G-Studion from the mass production line. Famous designers such as Willihelm Kage, Stig Lindberg and Lisa Larson created artwork here.

Founded in 1942, G-Studio was a group of artists, designers, craftsmen and illustrators who engaged in a wide range of activities, from creative work to making ceramics for exhibitions, creating artwork for public spaces, and designing for industry. . It was in operation until 1993 and served as a kind of "aesthetic laboratory". It was also responsible for providing design ideas for Gustavsberg's mass-produced products.

The G-Studio was a converted atelier in the old building of the Gustavsberg porcelain factory and was a hub for over 100 artists and artisans. It is no exaggeration to say that the Gustavsberg porcelain tradition of the 20th century originated here. It was a central presence in the world of Swedish art and design and functioned as a place to nurture new creativity.

Each piece of G Studio's work is handmade, and there is a video that conveys the production scene. The footage shows designer Stig Lindberg, a man in round glasses. And on the right side of that is the studio director Willihelm Kage.

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