"Valencia" masterpiece of Arabic tableware

Valencia series series

Valencia is a representative work of 20th century ARABIA. It was released in 1961 and was in long-run production for half a century until 2002. Sales ended when ARABIA moved its manufacturing base to Southeast Asia. In other words, all Valencia series products are manufactured in Finland. It has not been reprinted since then and is currently only available on the vintage market.

The series name, Valencia, is the name of a port city in southeastern Spain, and the deep cobalt blue color represents the dull-colored sea of ​​the Mediterranean Sea and the strong sunlight. Designer Ulla Procope designed the Valencia in 1961, and it has become a timeless masterpiece with the most antique fans among all ARABIA products. Procope is also responsible for the design of the long-running Ruska and the highly rare Flora.

Procoppe died of illness in 1968 at the young age of 47, but she was recuperated in the Canary Islands of Spain, and it is said that she was surrounded by the Spanish coastline throughout her life. After her death, Valencia, like other series, went into long-run production and was manufactured in Finland for over 40 years until 2002.


Valencia is created using a technique called hand painting, in which the painter applies the patterns one by one with a brush. This is a method that has been discontinued since ARABIA moved its manufacturing base outside of Finland, and hand painting means that it is a genuine Finnish product.